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Gemini DNS可以为您做什么?

What can Gemini DNS do for you?

Bypass Geoblocking


Digital Privacy


Advanced Security



Download to all interfaces


We do not store any records


We take this very seriously: we do not store your online access records. Some VPNs or DNS will store your browsing logs and provide them to legal officials.
We can't, because our software design has no logs.

感受简单 终身免费使用

Feel simple Free for life

Gemini DNS无需任何设置,无需注册,一键即可,而且Gemini DNS保证终身免费使用。

Gemini DNS does not require any settings, no registration, one-click, and Gemini DNS is guaranteed to be free for life.


DNS leak risk

即使 VPN 隧道会隐藏你的流量,但有时还是發生无法保护你设备的 DNS 查询,而这就称做「DNS 洩漏」,如果你的 DNS 出现洩漏情况,那未经授权的人,如:你的 ISP、DNS 服务器运营商,就有办法查看你访问哪些网站、使用过的任何应用,并且运营商可以阻止一些网站访问,或者部分运营商可能存在劫持等行为,因此有一定的风险在。
DNS 是一个互联网的通讯录,它能影响你网上的所有操作,你的浏览器和其他应用程序,都通过它来查找网站和服务的服务器。

Even if the VPN tunnel hides your traffic, sometimes there are DNS queries that cannot protect your device. This is called "DNS Leak". If your DNS leaks, then unauthorized people, such as yours ISPs and DNS server operators have a way to check which websites you visit and any applications you have used. Operators can block access to some websites, or some operators may have hijacking, so there is a certain risk.
DNS is an Internet address book, which can affect all operations on your Internet. Your browser and other applications use it to find websites and service servers.

Gemini DNS

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